Boca Chica Temporary Flight Restrictions

Friday, 3rd December


There are currently no scheduled TFRs.


Start Date (UTC) End Date (UTC) Height NOTAM ID
1 Dec 2021, 00:01 31 Dec 2021, 23:59 SFC-10000FT 1/1663


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SpaceX is required to file Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) in order to conduct flight tests of their Starship vehicles. These TFRs limit the airspace around the SpaceX launch facility to vehicles authorised by SpaceX only. All other aircraft are disallowed. This is to ensure that any air traffic near the launch facility stays a safe distance away during flight tests of Starship.

SpaceX has started issuing long-term, low altitude TFRs that limit aircraft from flying low above the facility. These allow SpaceX to conduct non-flight testing whenever they want without having to file for a TFR.

You can find all Starbase/Boca Chica TFRs right here, updated every 30 seconds so you can be sure you're seeing the most up-to-date info.